About us

Everyone can do photography, but great photography comes to a few and to all those blessed with the talent of taking great pictures; the world is unlimited. An ordinary moment becomes extraordinary if captured with precision.

Similarly for someone with the talent and technique, the world is an endless canvas; they may paint it to their preference. Such people tend to see the world through their lenses; they try and capture the world from their point of view. Thus the simplest of the things become extraordinary.

This is a bombastic combination of art and talent, one that is rare to find. Images captured by such people tend to be of the highest quality, taking in every detail of the moment; the extreme observation makes for the pictures high standards. Such a picture does not lose the charm ever, instead every time a new angle or aspect is noticed. The tinniest details tend to stand out.

Wedding photography requires the same level of detailing and finesse. Every moment in a wedding is worth a million lives spent, simply because it is a life changing day. New bonds are woven, vows are made, and the fervor and joy is hard to miss.

For all of these obvious reasons, wedding photography has to be handed over to the best. No one would appreciate a dull boring monotonous streaming of wedding pictures. There has to be some oomph, zing and splash of modernity. Only then will the album come to life.

Truly spectacular wedding photography is one when the portraits speak volumes about the couple and the people in them, when every emotion is visible. To say that photography needs a different perspective is justified. Photography with a different perspective; rings a bell, does it not? A popular line for a well-known photography services; it is Kurban Studios.

Kurban Studios stands its ground on the core values of promising the best photography without missing out any moment of the special occasion and the greatest value is they deliver the promise a 100%. The pictures are captured with an elegant artistic touch which is contemporary in style; each image reflects the inner beauty of the couple.